Reserve capacity – Quality and crop viability

Improving reserve capacity for better quality and crop viability

The deficiency of fruit trees reserve capacity can be highly detrimental to the maintenance of crops and their quality. The lack of reserve carbohydrates in the fruit trees very sensitive to cold during springtime can cause high sensitivity to low temperatures and cause dysfunctions at restart and flowering.



The improvement of the reserve capacity of fruit trees should take place very early in the year until the post-harvest stage. The recommendation of an NSP (Nutrition and Stimulation Program) with the contribution of targeted organic fertilizers (ACTIMUS) and foliar nutritional supplements (ANTYS, NUTRIKALI…) helps to optimize the storage capacity for the following season.


Test results on the improvement of the quality of nectarines.

Test results on the improvement of the quality of nectarines by FrayssinetControl Nectarines and nectarines treated with Frayssinet NSP.

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