Grass rooting and raising

Promoting rooting and restart of lawns during the sports season

Sports lawns are subject to heavy wear due for one thing to a very dense schedule of activities with little recovery time for the grass, and then to numerous stresses (weather, compaction, diseases…). Sports fields then show very much altered playing surfaces with wide heterogeneity in lawn colours and growth.



The maintenance of the quality and resistance of sports lawns requires the implementation of a well suited NSP (Nutrition and Stimulation Program). The application of organic fertilizers (VEGEVERT or EVER) combined with a root stimulator (OSIRYL) will promote the formation of macro-aggregates in the soil, favouring their porosity and a better root colonization (rapid start of reseeding and sod). The supply of nutritional supplements during the season (ANTYS 15, NUTRIKALI) will favour the rapid restart of lawns and especially in conditions of heavy wear during games.


Test results on improving grass rooting

Control Grasses and grasses with implementation of an NSP by Frayssinet.

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