Emmanuel Rouy

Interview Emmanuel ROUY, since 2008 at Frayssinet.

Quality: since 2005, thanks to the process approach and therefore the reporting of pilots, each in their area of ​​expertise, has allowed management to direct energies towards the correction of non-quality. After 10 years, I must admit that the new 2015 version of ISO 9001 and its substantial evolutions drive a strengthening of our analyzes in key areas of quality: the customer risk, the broader economic context of the activity, the strategy, the relationship with our stakeholders and the consideration of their expectations, the measurement of the performance …
The environment: it is one of the three pillars of sustainable development, it is naturally integrated into our CSR approach. I am the regulatory referent and I represent the environmental responsibility of our industrial site.
What drives Frayssinet and all its pilots is the human, the living, it is what promotes life in all its forms, microbial, plant, animal and end of the chain, human! For this, a healthier environment is essential, we are fully aware of it.


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