Martine Dufailly

Martine Dufailly Directrice Communication FrayssinetInterview Martine DUFAILLY, since 1993 at Frayssinet.

By definition, I am responsible for managing the flow and content of information both internally and externally. For project management I am in direct contact with our management, the management committee and the project team of Studio Frayssinet and transversally with marketing, human resources, trade, technical teams.
Our voluntary approach “VIAE ETHICAE” (the ethical pathways) for corporate social responsibility ISO 26000, evaluated exemplary in July 2015 by the AFNOR-Certification, reflects our state of mind, our mode of operation and privileges more than ever, trust, transparency and the relationship with all of our stakeholders.
Over 8 months, I accompanied the company on a film, so I invite you to watch our corporate report.
Finally, if I had to summarize Frayssinet in 3 words, it would be: RESPONSIBLE – PERFORMANT – CONSISTANT


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