April : ensure your crops a good start

Ensure your crops a good start

A return to winter temperatures at the flowering stage of early fruit trees can be very harmful. Beware of risks of early frosts ! Frosts or cold spells can harm plant life and delay vine development (chlorotic aspect, yellowish leaves). Market gardening crops grown on field or in non-heated greenhouses (lettuce, asparagus …) are submitted to climatic contrasts ( very cloudy weather..) that may also cause nutritional dysfunctions and decrease in crop quality for young plants (melon, pepper …) and out of soil (strawberries, tomatoes…).


The solution

ANTYS program: treatments to enhance crop resitance at flowering, fruit set and swelling stages, – promotes photosynthesis restart (protection against chlorosis) – strengthens fruit and vegetable skin resistance.

ANTYS PMg : provides synergistic action for nutritional and stress resistance (40% P205, 8,5% MgO, 4% N et 0,3% B). ANTYS PMg promotes cell resistance and cell multiplication; this double action improves flowering and pollination and widely decreases risks of heterogeneousness (fruit and vegetables) and millerandange (grapes).

ANTYS 15 or ANTYS 8 : the formulation ANTYS N P K + Mg and trace rapidly restores vine, fruit trees and vegetable crop development.

ANTYS NPK : a formulation providing active nutritional and stress resistance, restarting chlorophyll synthesis (regreening effect) in cold and damp situations in spring or in case of physiological stress (accidents due to treatments, phyto…).

ANTYS Fe : ANTYS Iron (3,5% EDTA Iron) allows to fight ferric chlorosis efficiently. Its stress resistant effect enhances Iron effectiveness and promotes its uptake by leaves, thus rapidly correcting iron deficiencies.

ANTYS Ca : used as foliar treatment or drip feed, ANTYS Ca enhances skin resistance as well as preservation of .young fruit. Synergistic effect stress resistance and phosphorus-calcium nutritional resistance (30% P2O5 – 7% CaO) rapidly restores fruit intracellular calcium fixation (peach, apple, strawberry, melon…) and helps fight efficiently peripheral necrosis (tomato, lettuce…) and deficiencies in quality (fruit oxidation, vitrescence, fruit cracking and splitting…).



ANTYS PMg: 2 to 3 applications as leaves start developing, and management of flowering; at a dosage of 3-5 l/ha.
ANTYS 15 or ANTYS 8: 2 to 3 applications as of vegetation start, at a dosage of 3-5 l/ha.
ANTYS Fe: 2 to 3 applications as leaves start developing, and management of flowering at a dosage of 3 L/ha.
ANTYS Ca: 2 to 3 foliar applications as of swelling stage or fruit set at a dosage of 3 to5 L/ha (15 to 20 l/ha over plants standing on soil which can be fractioned).


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