Balance is a good for plants too !

Even if decrease in fertility linked to a lack of organic matter is cannot always be easily measurable, economic consequences are certain and agronomic risks more perceivable.

Agronomic benefits of organo mineral fertilizers :
Organic matter, mineral and trace element synergy.
Guaranteed organic matter amount, compensation of humic losses.
Mineralization and gradual release of organic nitrogen.
Lessening risks of leaching. Activation of soil microbial life.
Help to fix mineral salts within organic matter.
Promote organic matter buffer effect and lessen phytotoxicity risks.

The humoligo process (humitrace) :

The organic matter additional amount of a FRAYSSINET organo-mineral fertilizer (TENOR type) is composed of VEGETHUMUS and additional nitrogenous organic elements. Trace elements are acknowledged as key nutrients to the development of plants. Due to its natural constituents, TENOR contains all the necessary trace elements thanks to its special enrichment in boron, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. In addition, TENOR’s rich supply in organic matter improves soils exchange capacity.


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