Humus : soil’s major capital !

Within a soil containing 2% organic matter, the humus amount (60 to 75 tonnes over 20 to 25cm of earth layer) represents the product of the transformation of straws that could come from a hundred years’ cultivation of cereals. The accumulation of such capital is the fruit of centuries of farming. It is thus advisable all the necessary measures should be taken not only to avoid wasting it but use it in the best possible way, bearing in mind to restore humus by supplying organic manure as maintenance in order to maintain soils in good state of fertility.


Agronomic interests of an organic amendment :

Improves soil structure. Increases humic rate. Enhances water retention capacity.
Optimizes the clay-humic complex. Releases nutrients: phosphorus and trace elements. Supplies soil with fertilizing elements and natural trace elements.

Detailed range of organic amendments

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