June : optimizing crop quality

Optimizing crop quality

Spring can be often affected by extreme variations in temperature and vegetation can be disturbed. Fruit and vegetable growth and feed impairment can cause very heterogeneous crop qualities (cherry, strawberry …). After vines bud burst stage, a feed imbalance in relation to this very unsettled climatic situation can be observed.


The solution

ANTYS program: this treatment can help overcome foliar physiological dysfunctions and optimize crops nutritional balance for better crop quality.

ANTYS 15 or ANTYS 8 : improves stress resistance and enhances crop resistance (low temperatures, nutritional deficiencies, chlorotic aspect on vine…) – an N.P.K + Mg + trace formulation allows quick nutritional restart by foliar application.

ANTYS Fe : foliar treatment that associates perfectly stable chelated iron (EDTA) with ANTYS and quickly responds to problems of ferric chlorosis. In ferric deficiency situation, ANTYS Fe restarts chlorophyll synthesis thus enhancing photosynthetic induction.

ANTYS Ca : ANTYS Ca improves leaf and fruit resistance, especially in situation of nutritional imbalance (cold spells, high temperature ranges…). The supply combining ANTYS with available calcium phosphate corrects rapidly calcium imbalance and increases fruit and legume preservation (red fruit, fruit trees, melons, lettuce…).

ANTYS K : ANTYS treatment improves fruit resistance (grapes…) and legumes. Its action combined with potassium increses resistance to hydric stress and enhances organoleptic balance of musts (improves sugar/acidity level ratio, increases index of total polyphenols). ANTYS K improves fruit and legumes quality and corrects potassic deficiencies, especially in situation of rainfall deficit.



ANTYS 15 or ANTYS 8 : 2 to 3 foliar applications as soon as vegetation starts, at a dosage of 3 to 5 L/ha.
ANTYS Fe : 2 to 3 applications as of leaf development and as flowering support at 3L/ha.
ANTYS Ca : 2 to 3 foliar applications, at fruit swelling stage or fruit set at a dosage of 3 to 5 L/ha (15 to 20 L/ha soil local application which can be fractioned).
ANTYS K : 2 to 3 applications at a dosage of 5 L/ha to prevent potassic deficiencies and as of early maturity.


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