Limiting disease attacks

Limiting disease attacks thanks to mycoparasitism

Using organic fertilizers to fight lawn diseases has now become reality because the practice ensures the stimulation of soil’s useful micro organisms. Without totally replacing fungicides, the technique consisting in supplying soil with organic fertilizer (EVER or VEGEVERT type) in top dressing appears to be a modern solution at one and the same time to: feed lawn, strengthen plant tolerance to diseases, reduce pathogen activity and fight efficiently against massive supplies of pesticides.
To testify the approach here are encouraging results obtained by: Cornell University (USA) on Rhizoctonia, Sclerotinia, Pythium and Typhula, BIOPHYT SA (SWITZERLAND) on : Rhizoctonia, Pythium and Ophiobolus, Michigan University (USA) on: Magnaporthe poae (summer necrotic patch on annual meadow grass).