Root growth stimulator
AMM N° 1030003
approved for use in organic agriculture

  • Optimizes nutrition and growth
  • Optimizes water and mineral absorption
  • Improves productions
  • Preventive and curative
  • Free from any toxicological classification.
  • OSYR is the active matter of OSIRYL (active principle of plant origin) obtained by the de-polymerization of lignocellulosic compounds. It stimulates root growth and regeneration by protecting auxins from oxidative mechanisms and by stimulating hyperoxydase production.

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  • 40 % active matter OSYR

Certified on any type of crop, at the rate of 5 to 20 l/ha per application
(1 to 16 applications per growing cycle according to each crop).
Thoroughly shake the bottle before use.
Store away from frost and heat.

Instructions for use: Osiryl must always be diluted in the watering or treating water.
Either by drip irrigation or sprinkling OSIRYL is applied at the end of the irrigation cycle and at a concentration of 2 ‰, at a dose of 5 to 10 l/ha.
In spraying, OSIRYL is applied in a minimum water volume of 200 l/ha in rainy conditions or followed by watering, from 10 to 20 l/ha.

Restart of root development: in spring  – Planting, replacement plants: on planting – Nurseries: when plant regrowth begins.

Market gardening produce in soil
In open field and greenhouse at the start of growth:
on planting (or at plant germ stage) – Restart of root development during growth: at sensitive growth stages – Nurseries: Sprinkling or ground spraying: Regrowth of young plants (at the plant germ stage, 2 or 3 leaves) – Nurseries: incorporation into the crop subtratum followed by spraying: before sowing, planting out or repotting and during growth

Market gardening produce off soil
Nutrition at early growing time (tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, etc.):
 from planting out – Restart of root development during growth: at sensitive growth stages – Nurseries: incorporation into the crop subtratum followed by spraying: before sowing, planting out or repotting and during growth.



5 litres bottles (carton of 4 x 5 litres – Pallet of 480 litres).

  • Traceability of raw materials.
  • Research centre with in-house laboratory and sample bank on manufacturing site.
  • Guaranteed control and dosage of all batches of finished products. 1/1000 precision.
  • 0% of urban sludge and waste.
  • Biotech C2A Active Composting: Original biotechnological process Frayssinet ensures the hygienisation and prehumification of combinations of organic matter. Microbial seeding and HACCP approach. Turning and control of thermophilic phases> 55 ° C Approval FR81231001 Regulation CE 1069/2009.
  • Member of the Interprofessional Bureau of Analytical Studies (BIPEA), BIPEA circuit CONTROLSs.
  • Member of the UNIFA interprofessional Charter* organic fertilizers, organic mineral fertilizers and organic amendments (* Union of Fertilizer Industries).
  • Member of the UPJ: Union of companies for the protection of gardens
    and public spaces.
  • Company certified under ISO 9001 Quality Management System by AFNOR.
  • AFAQ 26000 Exemplary assessment for its approach to social responsibility (ISO 26000) by AFNOR Certification.

Suitable for

Market Gardening
Market Gardening

Product review

Mattieu P - Vineyard manager - France - Marne
Posté le 21/11/2016

OSIRYL - Better resistance to stress

On my plots of Chardonnay, strongly affected by fan-leaf and very sensitive to diseases, I apply OSIRYL in 2 20 liters / ha applications, by rotary blades with 1200 liters of water. I have noticed a clear difference in longer internode lengths, a branch length that allows better trellising and lush, greener foliage. We have soothed the visual symptoms of the disease, which allows me to experience a significant harvest. In addition, I have the feeling to see my vines in better condition, less sensitive to certain diseases including powdery mildew.

Michel L - Winegrower - France - Marne
Posté le 09/01/2017

OSIRYL - Optimum results

I always use OSIRYL on vine young plants 3 weeks after planting during replacements when wetting the vine feet, which allows me to have a 100% recovery rate. And I also apply OSIRYL on vines where fan-leaf is visible, which allows me to have a more regular growth and maintain my yield.