Organic amendment
Approved for use in organic agriculture

  • Complete NPK balance: 1,7-1-1 + 1
  • Limits the risk of leaching and erosion
  • Improves soil water holding capacity
  • restoration of the clay-humus complex
  • In direct planting and co-planting, only the powder form should be used

Should be adjusted according to soil and crop types.

Standard dose 2 à 5 t/ha, to be checked with the table below (ask your technician for advice).

Specific uses
In direct planting and co-planting, only the powder form should be used.

  • Replacement of vines (co-planting, interplanting or racottage): 1.5 to 2 kg/stock well mixed with the planting soil..
  • Nursery and potting soil: 25 to 30% v/v with soil or compost..

25 kg bags on 1350 kg pallet and 500 kg maxi-bags.
Granules for use in all types of spreaders. Homogeneous powder for soil rapid intake.

    • Traceability of raw materials.
    • Research centre with in-house laboratory and sample bank on manufacturing site.
    • Guaranteed control and dosage of all batches of finished products. 1/1000 precision.
    • 0% of urban sludge and waste.
    • Biotech C2A Active Composting: Original biotechnological process Frayssinet ensures the hygienisation of animal matter (70°C, 1 hour) and prehumification of combinations of organic matter. HACCP approach. Turning and control of thermophilic phases> 55 ° C Approval FR81231001 EC Regulation n°1069/2009.
    • Member of the Interprofessional Bureau of Analytical Studies (BIPEA), BIPEA circuit CONTROLS.
    • Founder member of ECOFI : European Consortium of the Organic-based Fertilizer Industry.
    • Member of  UNIFA : Union of Fertilizer Industries.
    • Member of  UPJ: Union of companies for the protection of gardens and public spaces.
    • Company certified interprofessional Charter organic fertilizers, organic mineral fertilizers and organic soil improvers.
    • Company certified under ISO 9001 Quality Management System by AFNOR.
    • AFAQ 26000 Exemplary assessment for its approach to social responsibility (ISO 26000) by AFNOR Certification.
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Market Gardening

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